Cape Vogue supplies stylish table linen to the hospitality industry through innovative & functional design and quality & conscious manufacturing. We have 25 years’ experience in the textile industry and offer expert advice on fabrication, texture, colour and individual style. Our passion is to create beautiful tabling products, which is what we present to you with pride and joy.


We stock standard white napkins and make table cloths, table runners, placemats, service cloths and aprons on order. Select from our classic or modern ranges of material in a variety of textures and colours, sourced from the best textile wholesalers’ country wide. Our professional staff cuts and manufactures according to your specific needs. We aim to deliver your order to your doorstep within 7 – 14 working days.



We stock standard white napkins from size 20cm, 40cm, 45cm and 50cm with plain and mitred hem finishes. If your restaurant or hotel requires napkins in jacquard, colour or texture options we have a wide range of fabrics that you can select from. We can personalise your napkin with fabric printing, embroidery & decorative stitches.

Table cloths

Our factory custom makes table cloths and runners. This way we ensure the perfect fit and length for your specific size table top. If you desire a soft finish for your table, we have a washable elasticated fitted table protector made from full - or half heatex tabling.


Our placemats are made from 100% acrylic sun proof fabric which has a teflon coating and a batting inner. Choose from a wide variety of plain colours, textures or vibrant stripes.

Service cloths & aprons

To help your waitrons present food and wine in a professional way, we make a poly/cotton twill service cloth in a variety of colours. We can also embroider your logo for that bespoke touch. We custom make a bib or bistro apron that will suit the requirements of your restaurant or bar. You can select from a variety of classic to bright fashion colours.

Cocktail table & chair covers

We create an easy fitted cocktail table & chair cover made from stretch or non- stretch material. This is available in a variety of colours for your conference venue or special event.

Outdoor cushions

We manufacture terrace & pool chair cushions. It is made from 100% acrylic sun proof fabric that has a Teflon coating. You can choose from a wide variety of plain colours, textures or vibrant stripes. We insert high density foam inners that comes in different widths.



We upcycle old table cloths into napkins and old napkins into service cloths.

No plastic

The factory use bags made from material, instead of plastic, for delivery or refuge bags. We wash and re-use all our material bags.

Minimum waste fabric cutting

In the cutting process, we aim to minimum waste by utilising the maximum of the fabric width with our pattern layout.

Job creation

The small quantity off cut material that we do have, we upcycle into a separate range of products that is sold as a craft table linen range. This creative range offers work to the local community, and empowers and uplift people that cannot find work due to illness or disabilities.

Paper conscious pattern making

We upcycle old patterns into new ones, and the off cuts go into a paper recycle bin.

Mindful efficient production

Our factory’s production flow aims to use the minimum amount of electricity and energy. All our staff work closely together as a team and continually find creative ways to ensure fast and efficient production.


We aim to form a close relationship with each and every client, and continue to nourish relationships to grow into long term partnerships.


Mari Burger - 084 663 6649


19 Charme Street, Stellenbosch, South Africa

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